Nanchang Qingshan Lake District to create textile and garment industry highland

Three export T-shirts, one from Qingshan Lake. The reporter recently interviewed in Qingshan Lake District of Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, a well-known export base of knitted clothing, and found that under the new situation of rising labor costs and changes in foreign trade situation, many local enterprises have promoted products from "brand" to "brand", technology from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing", and the market from "single" to "multiple". A new way of "stabilizing foreign trade" in traditional industries has been developed. Products: From "OEM" to "brand" In the face of low-cost competition from Southeast Asian foundries, in recent years, many clothing enterprises in Nanchang technology: from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing"

On October 16, 2022, the reporter walked into the intelligent workshop of Nanchang Zhantong Clothing Co., LTD., located in Qingshan Lake District, the staff were seizing the debugging of the automatic bag sticking machine and template machine just purchased, and in the clothing workshop not far away, the staff were busy catching the year-end order on the intelligent equipment. The company is shifting from labor-intensive "manufacturing" to technology-intensive "intelligent manufacturing", increasing production efficiency by 30%, and significantly reducing the unqualified rate of products. With the same exhibition as clothing, Qingshan Lake area more than 2,000 knitting enterprises are showing a busy scene.

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Qingshanhu District, as the core of modern knitwear industry cluster that Nanchang City has been strengthening, has an annual output of more than 1 billion pieces of knitwear, 60,000 employees, and an annual output value of 45 billion yuan, making it the largest knitwear industry base in Jiangxi and the fourth in China. In recent years, focusing on the strategy of industrial strength province and the requirements of high-quality development of new industries, Qingshanhu District has taken the implementation of the industrial chain chain length system as the starting point, focusing on the core links of the industrial chain such as design, printing and dyeing, manufacturing, and sales, and has accelerated the pace of upgrading the knitwear industry through the intelligent upgrading of manufacturing, brand cultivation, industrial investment promotion, and expansion of domestic sales.

Intelligent transformation is the internal driving force for building a production plateau. Qingshan Lake District vigorously promotes the application of automation, digitalization, and intelligent textile and garment equipment, and takes Huaxing Garment, Zhongtuo Garment, and Zhantong Garment "5G+ smart Factory" as the demonstration lead, driving knitting enterprises to apply intelligent equipment such as intelligent hanging system, flexible ironing system, three-dimensional warehouse, and new generation information technology such as Internet of Things, industrial cloud, and 5G. Create a number of smart production lines, smart workshops and smart factories to enhance the level of industrial intelligence and digitalization. At the same time, Qingshan Lake District accelerates the operation of Jiangxi cross-border e-commerce industrial base project, actively plays the role of platforms such as the new national tide digital economy industrial base and Jiangxi Flow Economy Industrial Park, which not only realizes the steady development of foreign trade export of the knitting industry, but also explores the domestic market, improves the share of domestic sales, and realizes the double cycle of domestic and foreign trade.

Post time: Aug-08-2023