Multi-angle, all-round docking industry resources Qingshan Lake knitting appeared in China International Knitting Expo

China International Knitting Expo PH Value was founded in 2007, under the guidance of China Textile Industry Federation, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Textile Industry Branch and China Knitting Industry Association, Work together to create an international publicity and business exchange platform to display knitted clothing products, knitting new technology, new product development, and knitting fashion frontier trends.


PH Value Autumn exhibition is based on the new development pattern of the knitting industry, focusing on "technology, intelligence, green", focusing on functional knitting and innovative cutting-edge applications, while combining fashion release elements, continue to lead the new trend of the industry!

This exhibition Qingshan Lake co-brand release by the China Knitting Industry Association, Jiangxi Province Nanchang Qingshan Lake District people's government sponsored, Jiangxi Qingshan Lake District high-tech Management Committee, Yangtze River Delta business tourism demonstration area linkage platform, Jiangxi Taicool Yunjie enterprise operation Management Co., Ltd. planned and executed. Organized a number of high-quality enterprises in Qingshan Lake area, such as Shengxun Industry, Bohan clothing, Toolu, Bohe clothing, etc. The exhibits cover the current trend of knitwear, home wear, sportswear, T-shirts, functional knitwear, etc., integrating industrial cluster promotion and brand business connection. The results and strength of the production cluster in Qingshan Lake District transformed from production and processing to design and brand were fully displayed.


This Qingshan Lake co-brand debut PH Value in various forms, the combination of static and dynamic, online and offline linkage, and held Qingshan Lake knitting co-brand release show on October 9, 2021. The guests present are Lin Yunfeng, President of China Knitting Industry Association, Qu Jing, Vice President and Secretary General of China Knitting Industry Association,


At the meeting, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation was held with China Knitting Industry Association to realize the linkage and development of Qingshan Lake knitting and industrial clusters in the country, especially in the Yangtze River Delta region.

In the final part of the event, all the guests and the audience enjoyed a co-brand release show of Qingshan Lake knitwear brought by high-quality enterprises in Qingshan Lake with both fashion and trade functions, presenting a comprehensive attitude of Qingshan Lake knitting industry to every professional audience on the scene

Post time: Aug-08-2023